GMbumblebee's Test Results

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GMbumblebee's Test Results

Post  Drakoni on Thu Sep 29, 2011 10:27 pm

GMbumblebee's test Results

Decks Used Hero Toolbox Vs. Anti Meta 4

Deck 4/10
Speed 2.5/10
Creativity 6/10
Strategy 4/10
Combos 3/10

Overall Score 19.5/50

Comments: A really slow deck I was not really sure what you were running throught the whole duel it seemed to me I shut you down before you even got started with your plays, I really was not impressed with the 60 card deck either Decks should be 40 cards max 41 42 in extreme cases.... But right now I'm just not sure your good enough to be joining a competitive Duel Team...

Overall Result: Fail


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