Baseballman11's Test Results

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Baseballman11's Test Results

Post  danezanish on Thu Sep 29, 2011 10:32 pm

Baseballman11's Test Results

Chaos Control vs. Exodia
Deck 1.5/10
Deck Originality 9/10
Strategy 0/10
Combos 0/10
usage 1/10

Overall Score 11.5/50

I did not feel a challenge in the slightest. In our duel, my life points were never touched once, and I defeated you very easily. I defeated you in one turn on our first duel, and in four turns in our second duel. I feel the general make-up of this deck couldn't really defeat any deck. I can advise you and give you the deck list for a better Exodia deck that has beaten the strongest decks in one turn, like they are supposed to.

Overall Result: Fail


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